The weather makes a big difference in our daily lives and it’s often a sub-conscious and even conscious factor in making many a decision. So many things are dependent on the climate. For example, farmers depend on good weather conditions for a great harvest; so, therefore, our food depends on the weather and the farmer’s livelihood too.

Here’s a look at why the weather is an important part of our daily lives.


The rain brings new life and washes away the old, leaving everything fresh and clean. Without the water that the rain provides we would not have much fresh water to drink. Natural plant and animal life would die and we’d be left with a desert of a world.


Without the sunshine, natural life would begin to perish. We need the light and energy from the sun to thrive and grow.


Did you know that the wind can blow away pollution and illness? For this reason, the wind is absolutely invaluable. It may be a little annoying at times, and depending on where you live, wind conditions can become pretty dangerous, but there is no doubt that the wind plays a vital role in the natural world.

The weather conditions work as a perfect balance bringing the land exactly what it needs, even when it may not seem so to us.

Seasons and climate have always been a topic of interest for people, and it’s only growing. We are constantly hearing of natural weather-related disasters, and its stirring people into action. If we weren’t as concerned as we are about the climate, it would make us impervious to the conditions behind the changes that are happening. Therefore, the weather is important to each and every single one of us, whether we follow the forecasts or not.